Burglary Insurance

Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance policy provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property, stocks/goods owned by Insured or held in trust and/or commission contained in the premises by acts of Burglary and or Housebreaking following upon actual, forcible and violent entry of and/or exit from the premises) including hold-up risk. Any individual, firm, company, association or corporate society who are engaged in commercial activity whose property is exposed to the risk of burglary, housebreaking, loot, robbery and hold-up necessarily can buy this Policy.

Scope of cover

The Indemnity provided is to the extent of the intrinsic value of the property so lost or damaged contained in the premises due to Burglary /House breaking subject to the limit of Sum Insured selected. It covers loss or damage to Furniture, stocks/goods owned or held in trust and/or commission if it is a business Premises. Cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard are covered. Damage caused to the premises/locks resulting from burglary and / or house-breaking or any attempt there at any time during the period of insurance is also covered.

Add on covers

The Policy can be extended to cover Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage and Theft.

Sum Insured & Salient features>

Three types of Policies are available

Full Value insurance: This policy is ideal where loss of full value of the insured property is possible in case of burglary or housebreaking. If Sum Insured is not adequate, Policy pays only proportionate loss.

First loss Insurance: If complete loss is not probable, the property can be insured on first loss basis. Stocks can be insured on 'First Loss' basis. It allows a proposer to insure a certain percentage of stocks when the probability of the entire stock being stolen is less. Bulk items can be covered on ‘first loss’ basis wherein a percentage of total stock stored can be taken as that exposed to the risk of burglary and housebreaking. The Premium is charged on this percentage selected only.

Declaration Basis: Stocks which are fluctuating in value can be insured on declaration basis or floating basis. These policies are given where large stocks frequently fluctuate in quantity during the year. The sum insured is fixed at the maximum value of stocks which the insured anticipates he will hold at any one time. A deposit Premium of 100% of the annual Premium will be paid at the beginning of the insurance. Monthly declarations of value are to be sent to the company and the “deposit” Premium will be adjusted at the end of the policy period based upon the <Average of the monthly declarations.


Goods held in trust/commission, jewellery, curios, title deeds, business books unless specifically insured.
Recoverable under Fire/Plate glass insurance policy

By abstraction from a safe using a key or duplicate key, unless it is obtained by violence or threat

Loss or damage where any insured or member of the insured’s household or of his business staff is concerned in the actual theft or damage.

Due to War perils, Acts of God, Nuclear perils, Riot & Strike Unless covered by payment of additional Premium.

If the premises are left uninhabited for 7 or more consecutive days and nights.

'In the event of material alterations to the premises whereby the risk is increased.

If the Insurable Interests has passed from the insured otherwise by will or operation of law