Plate glass Insurance

Plate glass insurance Provides coverage for damage to large panes of glass used in commercial buildings, such as shop windows used for storefront displays. Standard plate glass insurance policies will only cover accidental breakage and exclude coverage for glass that is broken due to fire or improper installation.

For the purpose of this policy, Glass is defined as fixed plain glass and mirrors in or on the premises of the Insured where such glass is situated, excluding painting, tinting, embossing or ornamental works on the Glass unless expressly stated in the Schedule and its value included in the Sum Insured.
Glass shall also include frames and framework provided it is expressly stated in the Schedule and its value included in the Sum Insured.

Scope of Cover This Insurance Indemnifies the Insured for accidental breakage of glass in the premises, to the extent of the market value of the glass broken. The word ‘breakage’ shall not include any disfiguration or damage other than fracture extending through the entire thickness of the glass.

Add on covers:
Damage caused by riot, strike and malicious damage & terrorism.

Sum Insured
The sum insured must represent reinstatement value including all additional expenses involved including fixing of glass and labour. Reinstatement Value means the cost of replacing or reinstating Glass of the same kind or type but not superior to or more expensive than the Glass when insured.

• Damage by fire, gas & heat or explosions.
• Damage sustained by acts of god like earthquake, storm, flood.
• Damage from terrorism, strikes, riots, wars and nuclear perils.
• A loss sustained due to glass not being completely fixed.
• Breaking of lettering on the glass,.
• Scratching or disfiguring of glass, including fractures that don't extend through the full thickness of the glass.
• Expenses due to consequential loss
• Breakage of embossed, curved or ornamental frames or glasses, not specifically covered.